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Jeffrey A. Oaks, Mathematics, University of Indianapolis, will deliver the 20th talk of the CSHPM Online Colloquium series.
DATE: April 1st
TIME: Vancouver 11:00; Montreal/Toronto 14:00

TITLE: How to think like a medieval algebraist
ABSTRACT: There are many seemingly minor yet consistent differences in wording, procedure, and notation between what we read in pre-Vietan algebra and what we practice today. Together with how the earlier authors describe their work, they point to a radically different way of understanding monomials, polynomials, and equations. In this talk I describe this premodern algebra, focusing mainly on medieval Arabic algebra, though what I say applies equally to Diophantus, medieval Latin and Italian algebra, as well as the algebra of sixteenth-century Europe. Some attention will be given to delineating the role of algebra in premodern mathematics and to the concept of number upon which the concept of monomial was based.

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Topic: CSHPM Online Colloquium: Jeffrey Oaks
Time: Apr 1, 2022 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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